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Guilty verdict in Columbia murder case


A Columbia man was convicted of murder this week after a jury came to a guilty verdict in the case. He was accused of stabbing a man in his home after that man spoke with his girlfriend. The dead man's body was found across a yard on the steps of a nearby home. The accused man claimed he knew nothing about the murder.

Predictive policing or harassment?


Scientific experiments, in order to be considered, successful, must be reproducible. It is the ability to replicate a predicted outcome with an actual outcome that informs a researcher that their hypothesis is potentially correct.

Did he really plan on shooting anyone?


Speaking with the police is always fraught with peril. While you may believe, and the police may tell you, the just want to talk, in reality, they never "just want to talk." That is only one of the many interrogative techniques that are favored in just about every law enforcement agency in Missouri and the U.S.

The police should get hip to HIPE


When it comes to crime reporting, nothing is more eye-catching than a statistic. In addition, because they consist of numbers, they carry an air of objectivity. They are not mere opinions, they are 'facts.' Of course, without analysis that tells what a statistic 'means,' an inherently subjective activity, the objective number is really meaningless.

Beware the circumstantial case


A recent incident involving a pipe bomb in Columbia has produced no solid leads. The bomb was discovered near an area motel on August 17 by a customer of the motel. He found it in a vacant lot adjacent to the motel and he brought it into the lobby of the motel. Fortunately, it did not explode and the authorities, including the Mid-Missouri bomb squad arrived and safely disposed of the device.

Labor Day means more DWI patrols

For drivers in Missouri, the long Labor Day weekend may mean the end of summer, or the last big trip of the season to the lake or a cabin before fall begins. It may mean hanging out in your neighborhood and having a picnic or cookout with your friends, or driving across town to a relative's home for a BBQ.

But for the Missouri State Highway Patrol and most other law enforcement agencies throughout the state, it means "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over." This campaign actually began two weeks ago and continues through the end of the Labor Day weekend. 

Missouri traffic stop raises key questions about legal search and seizure

Police officers do not automatically have a right to search your vehicle in a routine traffic stop. There must be probable cause to conduct a search, and a traffic violation such as speeding, failure to signal or a broken tail light does not in itself constitute probable cause to search.

Still, many drug charges are based on evidence seized in unlawful searches, and any time drug charges follow a traffic stop, the legality of the stop and search should be scrutinized for errors on the part of police. With these issues in mind, consider the recent stop and arrest of two Missouri residents.

Fogle plea deal: better or worse than average?

Sex crimes involving children are different. They instantly invoke a fear in any parent, who thinks, "What if it were my child?" And that fear has fueled the draconian sentences that await anyone convicted of a sex crime involving minors.

When someone as well known as Jared Fogle, former spokesperson for Subway, is charged with sex crimes involving minors, there are concerns that cut both ways. Some fear because of his wealth, he can buy his way out of jail. Others may worry that he will be singled out for harsher treatment because of his fame and notoriety.

Is S.590 really the balanced legislation some say it is?

In the ongoing conversation about sexual assault on college campuses, two groups have risen above the others. On one side, there are those who believe that lawmakers need to do more to protect the rights of students and victims. They believe that tougher legislation is the answer as it will better address instances of sexual assault and violence by giving victims a better sense that justice has been served.

On the other side though are people who believe that tougher legislation would give colleges too much authority over criminal cases. On many campuses across the nation, including here in Missouri, campus procedures do not take into consideration a person's right to due process, oftentimes resulting in a violation of an accused person's civil rights.

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